A Maths Dictionary for Kids 2011 by Jenny Eather

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Over 270 free printable maths charts or math posters suitable for interactive whiteboards, classroom displays, math walls, display boards, student handouts, homework help, concept introduction and consolidation and other math reference needs.
Mathematical areas covered include Numbers, Operations on Numbers, Fractions, Decimals, Percent and Percentages, Ratios and Rates, Beginning Algebra, Data and Statistics, Probability, Geometry, Measurement, Time and Money.
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Maths Charts Contents List

First numbers
First ordinals
Ordinals Hundreds Chart
Numbers 1-10 Australian Animals
Numbers 1-10 Counters
Numbers 11-20 Counters
Hundreds Chart
Two Hundred Chart
100 Numbers
Number Lines
Skip Counting by 2s
Skip Counting by 5s
Skip Counting by 10s
Odd and even numbers
Prime and composite numbers
Negative and positive numbers
Square numbers
Triangular numbers
Roman Numerals
Number Sequences
Types of numbers, classifying numbers (natural, whole, integers, rationals, irrationals)
Place Value
Reading large numbers
Expanding numbers, expanded notation
Rounding Hundreds Chart
Rounding numbers 1
Rounding numbers 2
Rounding Calculator


Addition and Subtraction
Addition 1 - horizontal
Addition 2 - vertical with and without trading, borrowing or carrying
Rainbow Facts
Fact Families
Subtraction 1- horizontal
Subtraction 2- vertical with and without trading, borrowing or carrying
Addition and Subtraction Strategies
• Count on, count back
• Doubles and near doubles
• Extensions
• Inverse operations
• Jump strategy
• Split strategy, partitioning
• Reordering (commutative property)
• Compensation and change methods
Addition table to 20
Subtraction table to 20
Addition properties
Operations Properties
Operations on positive and negative integers
Key Words that indicate + - x ÷ operations
Multiplication and Division
Multiplication1 - horizontal
Multiplication 2 - vertical with and without trading, borrowing or carrying
Division 1 - horizontal
Division 2 - vertical with and without trading, borrowing or carrying
Multiplication and Division Strategies
• Using groups and arrays
• Inverse operations
• Extensions
• Split strategy, partitioning
• Reordering (commutative property)
Times Tables
Multiplication Chart
Multiples and Lowest Common Multiple (LCM)
Factors and Highest Common Factor, Greatest Common Factor (HCF or GCF)
Prime factors and Highest Common Factor, Greatest Common Factor (HCF or GCF)
HCF/GCF calculator
Divisibility Rules
Long multiplication
Long division

Fractions First fractions - half, halves
First fractions - quarter, quarters
First fractions - third, thirds
Proper fractions, improper fractions, mixed numbers
Equivalent fractions
Ordering proper fractions
Simplifying or reducing fractions
HCF/GCF calculator and fraction simplifier
Adding fractions
Subtracting fractions
Multiplying fractions
Dividing fractions
Fractions of a group
Fractions of a group - calculator
Reciprocals of fractions
Fractions, decimals, percentages
Fractions, decimals, percentages ... conversions
Conversions calculators
Decimals Decimals
Ordering decimals
Ordering decimals - practice
Expanding decimals
Adding decimals
Subtracting decimals
Multiplying decimals
Dividing decimals
Rounding decimals
Rounding calculator
Decimals, percentages, fractions
Decimals, percentages, fractions ... conversions
Conversions calculators

Percent, percentage
Percentages and amounts
Percentage calculator
Percentage change
Percentage error
Percentage points, basis points
Percentages - discounts and markdowns
Simple interest
Simple interest calculator
Calculating profit and loss
Percentages, decimals, fractions
Percentages, decimals, fractions ... conversions
Conversions calculators

Ratios and Rates Ratios
Problem solving with ratios
Equivalent ratios and rates
Beginning Algebra Algebra - some terminology
Exponents, indices, powers, orders
Order of operations
Operations properties
Data and Statistics Collecting data
• Statistics - data types
• Population and sample
• Tally, score and frequency
Organising data
• Bar graph, bar chart, column graph
• Box-and-whisker plot, box plot
• Conversion graph
• Cumulative frequency graph
• Divided bar graph
• Dot plot
• Frequency table, histogram
• Line graph
• Picture graph, pictogram
• Pie graph or sector graph, pie chart
• Scatter plot or scatter diagram
• Stem-and-leaf plot
• Step graph
• Travel graph
Analysing data
• Mean, median, mode
• Range
• Outlier
Compare graphs - interactive
Probability Probability
Probability Range, Probability Line
Probability terminology, e.g. experiment, trial, outcome, event
Sample space
Tree diagrams
Counting or multiplication principle
Geometry 2D Shapes (plane shapes)
• First plane shapes
• Basic plane shapes
• Circle terminology
• Square
• Polygons
• Classifying polygons (simple,complex, regular, irregular, covex, concave)
• Regular polygons (sides, vertices, angles, lines of symmetry, order of rotational symmetry)
• Triangles
• Quadrilaterals
• Diagonals
• Area
• Perimeter
• Symmetry - reflective and rotational symmetry
• Tessellations, tilings
• Transformations - reflection, translation, rotation, dilation OR flip, slide, turn, zoom
3D Shapes (solid shapes)
• First solids
• Basic solids
• Sphere
• Cube
• Cone
• Cylinder
• Prisms
• Pyramids
• Platonic solids
• Faces, edges, vertices, nets
• Views, cross-sections
• Surface area and volume
Angle Pairs
Measuring angles
First position words
Compass Points
Measurement Note: US charts use US spelling conventions for metric units.

• Length
• Length - metric units
• Length - metric units US
• Length - metric conversions
• Length - metric conversions US
• Length - imperial, US units
• Length - imperial, US conversions
• Perimeter of 2D shapes
• Area
• Area - metric units
• Area - metric units US
• Area - metric conversions
• Area - metric conversions US
• Area - imperial, US units
• Area - imperial, US conversions
• Area of 2D shapes
• Surface area of 3D shapes
• Mass
• Mass - metric units
• Mass - metric conversions
• Mass - imperial, US units
• Mass - imperial, US conversions
• Volume
• Volume - metric units
• Volume - metric units US
• Volume - metric conversions
• Volume - metric conversions US
• Volume - imperial, US units
• Volume of 3D shapes
Capacity (Fluid volume)
• Capacity (Fluid volume)
• Capacity - metric units
• Capacity - metric units US
• Capacity - metric conversions
• Capacity - metric conversions US
• Capacity - imperial, US units
• Capacity - imperial, US conversions
Temperature - Celsius (Centigrade) and Fahrenheit
Time Time, time devices
Telling time on 12-hour clocks
• o'clock
• half past
• quarter hours
• nearest 5 minutes
• nearest minute
Telling time on 12-hour clocks - practice
Digital clocks
Times of the day
24-hour time
Days of the week
Months of the year
Seasons of the year
Calendar and date
Time facts
Time zones
Time conversions
Money World Currencies
Ordering coins
Counting coins
Adding money
Calculating change
Unit price
Percentage discounts and markdowns
Sales tax
Simple interest
Simple interest calculator
Profit and loss
Calculating profit and loss
Symbols & Notation Mathematical symbols
Types of Notation
Set Notation - some symbols
Expanded Notation
Index or Exponential Notation
Scientific Notation
What does E mean on a calculator?
Blackline Masters Number Lines 0 to 20
Number Lines 0 to 100
Number Lines -10 to 10
Mini Hundred Charts
Mini Hundreds Grids
Fraction, Decimal, Percent Grids A
Fraction, Decimal, Percent Grids B
Decimal Fraction Grids
Fraction Strips to Twelfths
Fraction Circles to Twelfths
Place Value H T O
Place Value Th H T O
Place Value Th to TTh
MAB Cards Th H T O
Mini Multiplication Charts
Clocks - no hands
Pascal's Triangle Grid
Cartesian Coordinate Plane
Cartesian Coordinates - Quadrant I