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• the collection, organisation, presentation,
interpretation and analysis of data.
• a statistic is a single number, computed from a sample,
that summarises some characteristic of a population.

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statistics census summary statistics line of best fit trend line trend relative frequency standard deviation variance spread of a data set measures of spread third quartile percentiles deciles quartiles five number summary range in statistics shape of a distribution distribution of data moving average average bi-modal data mode median geometric mean arithmetic mean mean measures of central tendency central tendency two-way tables time series step graph stem-and-leaf plot sector graph scatter plot pie graph pictograph pictogram ogive line plot line graph or chart key or legend histogram frequency histogram frequency histogram dot plot double bar graph divided bar graph conversion graph concrete graph column graph box-and-whisker graph block graph bar graph graph frequency distribution table frequency cumulative frequency class interval grouped data raw data continuous data discrete data numerical variable outlier cluster categorical variable categorical data qualitative data qualitative data univariate data bivariate data data types data score tally table tally population sample random sample survey secondary data

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